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Sat 08 Oct 22

Mass at 18:00

Sun 09 Oct 22

Mass at 10:00
Mass at 11:30
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Registration for 1st communion, confirmation and other catechetics classes is still ongoing.  If you wish to enrol your child for classes, please contact the office on to request a registration form.

The classes on offer are as follows;

1st Communion - for children who are 7 years old (born in 2015)

New testament - for children who are 8 years old (born in 2014)

Old testament - for children who are 9 years old (born in 2013)

Liturgy - for children who are 10 years old (born in 2012)

Sacraments /Reconciliations - for children who are 11 years old (born in 2011)

Confirmation - for children aged 13/14 - (born in 2009)

The 1st Communion classes will be held on Sunday mornings (excluding half terms and school holidays) beginning on October 2nd,  starting at 9am followed by Children's Mass at 10am.

Confirmation Classes will be held once a month at 10am followed by Mass at 11:30am.


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