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Sat 27 Jul 24

Vigil Mass at 18:00

Sun 28 Jul 24

Mass at 10:30

Seventeenth Sunday of the Year
2 Kings 4:42-44
Psalm 144
Ephesians 4:1-6
John 6:1-15
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Church Car Park

With the increase of our church attendance at all our masses, it is only inevitable that our car park is filling up. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you who bring your car to be conscious of those who are walking through the car park towards the church.

The car park has an entrance and exit gate so please enter by the entrance gate and leave by the exit gate. Some cars have been leaving the church car park by the entrance gate. This is very dangerous as there is a possibility that a car may be driving in through the entrance gate only to be met by a car coming out of the same gate. This has been brought to my attention by  more than a few parishioners as there has been a few near misses of cars at the gate meeting head on.

The exit gate works on an infra-red system which opens when a car passes a certain point. I am aware that with the volume of cars leaving the car park after each mass that this can cause a long line of cars waiting to exit so I have decided to leave the exit gates open for all masses like the entrance gate until everyone has left after the final mass on Sunday. This should make the flow of exit traffic a lot easier, quicker, and safer.

On a final note I would again like to remind all drivers to be aware of each other in the car park especially those who are walking through the car park.

Fr. Michael.

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