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Sat 30 Oct 21

Mass at 18:00

Sun 31 Oct 21

Mass at 10:00
Mass at 11:30

31st Sunday of the Year
Deuteronomy 6:2-6
Psalm 17:2-4.47.51
Hebrews 7:23-28
Mark 12:28-34

Mon 01 Nov 21

Mass at 11am - All Saints at 11:00
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Message from Fr. Michael

Eucharistic Ministers and Ministers of the Word Wanted.

I would like to make a special appeal for members of the Parish to volunteer as Eucharistic Ministers and Readers for our weekend masses. At each mass we need three Eucharistic ministers, the Celebrant plus two others. The mass times are Saturday at 18.00h and Sunday at 10.00h and 11.30h. So we are talking about 6 ministers each weekend.

For Ministers of the Word we would need at least 3 for the weekend masses.

If you have volunteered already as Reader/Minister of the Word or Eucharistic Minister thank you. If anyone else would like to volunteer please contact the Parish office with your details and to what ministry that you would like to volunteer for. You can email the parish at:

When we have a list of names for both ministries I will arrange a meeting for both groups so that we can talk about what each ministry entails plus to put together a rota for the different masses.



Registration for First Communion and Confirmations.

As I already mentioned we had Registration for First Communion and Confirmation last Sunday 10th October. I know that it was not possible for everyone to attend last Sunday's Registration  so we have extended the Registration and cut off point, for First Communion and Confirmation to Sunday 14th November. If you need a form to register for First Communion/Confirmation please contact the parish office at: and a form will be sent to you.


God Bless,

Fr. Michael.

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