In the coming days...

Sat 23 Sep 23

Vigil Mass at 18:00

Sun 24 Sep 23

Mass at 10:00
Mass at 11:30

25th Sunday of the Year
Isaiah 55:6-9
Psalm 144:2-3.8-9.17-18
Philippians 1:20-24.27
Matthew 20:1-16
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Reading for September 2023 (47 KB)Reading for September 2023 (47 KB)

Newsletter for 24th September 2023 (183.9 KB)Newsletter for 24th September 2023 (183.9 KB)


























Information for all New Parishioners

A warm welcome to all visitors and newcomers to the Parish. If you are joining our parish, please complete a parishioner registration form. The forms are available at the back of the church or in a holder outside the parish office. Please drop the completed form in the white letterbox outside the parish office. We maintain a database which enables our Parish Priests, Parish Council and Finance Council to better serve us all. It also facilitates communication between parishioners as need arises. All information held on file is confidential and used only for parish related work. We do not give out any parishioner information without the consent of the parishioner. Thank you.

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