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Standing Orders

Would you consider taking out a standing order in favour of the parish?

Our parish costs us around €220,000 a year to run: it is like a small buisness. We spend our money on our staff, our buildings, our church and its supplies. Our accounts are filed correctly and our finances are supervised by our finance committee. We do not spend funds unnecessarily.
We fund our activities in three ways: through the basket collections, through the Annual Church Fayre and through standing orders.Basket collections vary hugely depending on the time of year; the Fayre income depends a lot on the weather on the day. Only standing orders provide us with a steady, reliable source of income, whether or not you come to Mass.
Could you consider a small - but regular - donation to this parish? If so, we would be very grateful to you and you will have contributed to keeping our parish running as it does and providing the many services which we all value so much.

Our bank details are;
IBAN: BE70 3100 7225 8925

You can set up a standing order on line in just a couple of minutes.

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